Predator problems.


So I have a predator 212 hemi 60363 with:
Nr ruixing 650 bored carb set for methanol
jet size 125
pilot jet .029
Billet 8deg advanced fan 30thousandths coil gap
18 lb valve springs
K and n air filter
Pulse pump
Low oil sensor and govenor removed.

It runs awesome above 1/2throttle all the way through wot, but at 1/2 throttle or less it wont start or stay running. Any ideas to what may cause this?

I'm trying to build 6 or 7 semi powerful motors on a budget for a track at my house so friends can all come over and have fun. stock predators and stage 1 with pump gas aren't fast enough for the track and are one lane full throttle all the way around. This build has cost me about 300 total thats including cost of motor itself. Methanol is regularly available and the same price as premium non ethanol where I live, so that's why I built the motor the way I did. And opted not to go with a more powerful stock motor like briggs and Stratton or kt.

Thanks in advanced


What do you mean jet size is 125? Do you mean .125?
The jet was number 125. I forgot jets very in size from brand to brand but .049 is the size of main. I found my problem with help from Melman_00. my carb was overboard for the build and my jetting was off