Predator using 2 disk 6 spring Bully

I'm putting together a kart to run in the predator class. Per the rules it must be completely stock (I'm running a harbor freight hemi)engine with low oil sensor intact but unplugged. There is an open clutch rules. A few questions:
1) I have several 2 disc 6 spring Bully's set up for a clone with red springs. Probably all I will have available for the 1st week. How should I set this up? Spring height and weights?
2) If the red springs won't work well, what should I buy for this clutch and estimated set up / engagement?
3) would a different clutch be better for this application?

alvin l nunley

Site Supporter
I can't speak to the question "better", but I wonder, with the amount of torque a good 4 cycle puts out, why would you want to use only 2 disks? And why all this clutch set up information? It might be good as a starting place, but only testing will tell you if the clutch is holding the engine at peak torque. That's the only important thing you want to check.