Preditor Hemi upgrades

Hi all, new to building up these Preditor engines. Here's what I have so far. Governor removed, CL2 camshaft, Tillotson Pk 1B carb with .038 main jet,10.8 red stripe valve springs..8 degrees of advanced timing. Does this sound like a good starting point. Any and all suggestions appreciated. Jeff


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Not much too add .
Everything is fine .
Do you have an intended use ?
any expectaions or rules to follow ?


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Bud this site is made up of a bunch of people who love karting and everything that goes along with it. Posting on a Friday and or Saturday and Sunday and expecting an immediate response will not happen... why? We’re karting! Have some patience. Build itself sounds good. Should make decent power and have some nice grunt if the clutch and gearing is right.