Preduro 500 at RACE-1


RACE-1 Motor Speedway is having a Predator Enduro race

500 laps, ( 3 hours max ) all laps count, Winner gets trophy only

$15.00 entry fee, must be pre-entered , 20 karts maximum , entry starts September 9th at 5 PM

Entry is per kart, multiple drivers permitted, pits $10.00 general $5.00

September 28th 3:00 start time

Pure stock Predator motor only, no hemi's ,

Motors subject to tech before and after the race

Gov, and oil switch may be disconnected or removed

Stock muffler and complete air cleaner required

Stock flywheel and flywheel key required

2 holes 1/4 inch may be drilled in muffler, ( 9/32 bit may not fit into hole)

All karts must have a working lap counter such as a mycron , this will be used as part of scoring

Race will be run in segments and changes (except chassis and motors) will be permitted during the short breaks

Notes: Race is being done for fun and experience, anyone caught cheating in any way will removed from the event.

rough driving will not be tolerated , all drivers must be completely covered including helmet, gloves and neck support.

more than one driver permitted per entered kart., Karts may leave the track and re enter (by gate manager) breaks will be 10--15 minutes maximum, all decisions by management will be final