prepping tires


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Been prepping tires for duquoin. It has not been very warm here. I have a heat gun should i heat the tires before or after i prep ?
I like to heat before, then let prep soak in natural. I don't torch anymore, hard to heat evenly. I usually heat with tire wraps, chicken hawk style.
no open flame in building at duquoin...outside is different story...depends where you pit at...and hot boxes aren't allowed inside either...I would heat it both before and after prep....
except for when your prep catches fire and burns your shop down then it's not really better

I seen this happen one time inside a trailor...very dangerous inside close quarters...they liked to never got it out...kart from trailor or fire out...LOL
Yes torches can be dangerous but a heat gun or hotbox will not do the same thing as a torch. Why do you think at the big races you see us all torching tires instead of using hot boxes or heat guns?
Open flame on wet tires can be very dangerous.. Be very careful in using open flame there is people parked beside u...

bigcat6 I just had a friend that had a hotbox explode on him and burnt him up pretty good. The fumes from the tires are trapped in the box and when you get a spark your in more trouble than having a tire in the open with a torch.
I have a buddy that had a hot box explode and blow the whole lid off and bout burnt the whole place down! And it had a heat gun
Tire roller

I have a roller with halagen lights mounted to it to heat tires and it works really well. Got it from rebal fab
I use a heat gun in my hot box almost always... Now I do have another hot box that I used a good hair drier in and it would get plenty hot (250*) and has worked well for a few years now...