Prepping with black sand and btgp red


New to karting, coming from a dirt car background. Running a track that has moisture and keeps it all night. Have one set of Burris 33a and one set of 33b. Asking around trying to learn about preping a local guy that runs well recommended prepping with track tac black sand though the week and using btgp red as a wipe at the track. What’s everyone’s thoughts on using these preps in this manner? I’ve tried doing search’s for using them 2 chemicals and not having any luck. Appreciate any info


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Try SAA grape and BTGP... that will soften them for wet clay
Yeah for those conditions I'd probably just drop the black sand, and hit them with a few coats of BTGP through the week, and then cut a little in half with acrysol as a PRW.
I'd try the 33b this way, its suppose to have a 33a tread with 22 sidewalls, keep the 33a a little harder for later in the race if lap times get quicker, if they stay the same or get slower do both sets the same way and run the set that yields the best results