PRI Performance Racing Industry at Indy

This weekend the PRI show returns to cold and snowy Indianapolis thursday thru saturday after a I believe a five year run in sunny and warm Orlando, Florida.
Here is the forecast for
Indy -------- Orlando
thursday H-25 L-16 H-75 L-63
friday- H-34 L 30 H-75 L64
saturday-H-40 L 27 H-81 L 64

As I understand the show was moved to Orlando because it out grew the venue and the cold weather in Indy. Do they now have a larger venue? Looks like weather is still a factor. They should schedule at a warmer date.
A push to return to Indy was lead by Tony Steward and locals because a big show like PRI should be in the cradle of racing. And I agree, BUT. In Florida they had (besides warm weather and Disney) USAC Midget racing, Drifting demos and gokart racing to entertain the show participants. I guess at Indy they can have snowmobile racing, snowman building and snow ball fights.

This event IS NOT open to the public, racing vendors only.