Pro Flathead Limited at Low Country Kartway

We went down to Low Country Kartway to video some awesome bad fast racing for the 9th annual Jr Johnson Memorial! The two big races of the evening being Pro Flathead Limited and Open Modified for $4000 each. The whole event was great, one of the best we have been too by far. Thanks to everyone at Low Country Kartway, Terry Odom, and everyone else involved for this event letting us video these races. If anyone one missed these races, we have the Pro Flathead limited race on our YouTube channel, and will have Open Modified out later. Let us know what y’all think! Thanks again!



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Let’s make this happen ! Flatheads vs the world !!! 😂


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I'm not sure. There was discussion about a block, but I'm sure Briggs wouldn't want to just offer that up. The ChiComs don't care though. I don't know what interest Briggs would have now -- maybe none since the change in ownership.

Burris offers legal pstons, rings, head, and sidecover.
Eddie and Dixie had cranks, valves, & sheet metal.
We really only need the blocks and cam cores. Crank up the production of the fore-mentioned...everything else is aftermarket anyhow.

I would love to be involved in this, even at a limited production run for vintage, limiteds, etc, but we're talking moving the decimal several spots from my capability. :)