Pro Gas class

Pro gas was mainly introduced in the last couple of years on the Wka gold cup. Last year it ended up being the biggest class. The price is very close to a clone but produces more power. It is a Animal just converted over to gas. We are running it in several classes this year if history repeats itself it will grow very quickly.
You're right but racing engines are normally alcohol which can be converted over. If you build new they don't have to be converted. Hope that clears it up it can get confusing with all the engine platforms out there.
There is also a spec cam and pipe for the class which also makes it more affordable. While I don't think it is as affordable as a BSP clone (lo 206 would be close) it is on par (cheaper?) than a BP clone.
I started one I got from Steve Baker today, what a monster got it for $500 way better than any clone out there.
Thanks Will... It is About 900 bucks give or take for a brand new Pro Gas animal. A rule set that is supposed to remain unchanged for 3 years and excellent performance and longevity. I think that is a much better choice, price wise and quality than a clone right now.
Definitely a better value (just considering the rules freeze alone!)
The Lo206 is a proven product, but for the guys (road course especially) that need to turn more rpm without the rev limiter, the ProGas fits the bill nicely.
Steve has a very good concept with this engine. Convert your existing LO206 or alcohol animal to ProGas, or purchase a new one.
We're looking forward to building some this year.
Sure is another great alternative to the clone.

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I know of at least 10 engine builders to date that have built the WKA #705 Animal Pro Gas engine. Price structures from some of the engine builders are in the range of 850.00 to 995.00. Some engines builders are offering package prices that include the race ready engine with chain guard, air filter and complete exhaust system at reduced prices. The Animal Pro Gas Engine based on dyno testing is 23% more HP than the clone and 6% less than a fully blue printed WKA #704 Alky Animal engine. Engine runs on standard pump gasoline at 7400 to 7700 on dirt oval and 7800 to 8200 on sprint road course tracks.
In combination of the Briggs Animal part to part consistency and the WKA spec #705 controls on the performance aspects of the engine design, this help's to maintain parity in HP between engine to engine and engine builder to engine builder as compared to other kart engine platforms and technical specifications.

I purchased one from Steve Baker for the MAOS Series and possibly at Lake Village. Awesome engine.

Jesse Plant