Pro Gas Question


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How long can a Pro Gas Animal go between rebuilds? I'm trying to decided what my plan is for next season. Either stick with my current 206 or move up to a Pro Gas. My problem is I'm looking into running two enduro races(Daytona and one other) and one or two Gold cup races plus all my local races.

This is our experience with the Animal Pro Gas engine for the 2013 season. We built somewhere around 40 to 45 engines this year primarily used in the WKA gold cup series. 10 of these engines were our house lease engines for gold cup races. At least in these 10 engines we kept a close eye on the performance and condition of the them at the track and in the shop. The short blocks for sure can run a full season without a rebuild. We had a few customer engines that we looked at that had over 1000 laps on them and one was 1400 + laps. The rings in these engines had very minimal wear and they even had a day of rain racing on them at the gold cup July 4th Camden race. Basically they did not need rebuilt at that time. My recommendation for you is about ½ way thru the season pop the head off and do a valve job and add new valve springs. When a engine design can race all year and the catch can stays completely bone dry and you add 16 oz of oil in it and at the end of the day you drain 16 oz of oil out, this is good sign!

Feel free for you or your engine builder to call us anytime to discuss these engines and our building techniques.

Thanks for the info Steve! That was very helpful.

Now part two to my issue. After 1 and a half seasons of local racing(not even because I missed about 4 or 5 races) do I upgrade my 206 to Pro Gas specs or keep it as is and buy a Pro Gas. I'm guessing the only way to answer that question would be to have someone take a look at the motor.

Maybe this will be helpful in your decision, however I am not the only engine builder out there building the Animal Pro gas engines.

Convert your LO206 to Pro Gas = $350.00.

New Pro Gas = $795.00 price good until 12/15/13, then they are $895.00.

( Note - Price structures are based on required profitability and fairness, not what the market will bare! )