Problems with read or not read indicators.

alvin l nunley

Site Supporter
I have an idea building a site like this is no easy job, but, so many times these indicators are wrong. Now it may be my computer, I don't know, is anybody else having this problem?
I so much appreciate what Bob has done here that I hate to say anything negative, so please don't take it that way, just pointing out an itty bitty little problem.
I simply ignore the read indicators as they do not seem accurate to me either.
Of course it could be something i need to set in the settings not sure .
new site new issues.
There is no way to account for all browser settings with all the browsers available, add mobile phones to this.
However, if you're in the habit of using the back button instead of using navigation links, the message indicators will never work right.
Even then, if the page is split into multiple pages (1 2 etc), the indicators won't update until you view the last page even after refreshing the page.
I know it's easier to use the back button than to scroll to the top of the page, but the back button is doing exactly what it's supposed to, which is to redisplay the previously viewed page without reloading the page. You simply have to reload the page before updates can be shown.

On the old site, if you used the back button, the ad server would show the previously loaded set of ads, but the links would change.