Proline issue


The axle insert has play, I didn’t at first, I know its the right size, I can’t adjust the two flat head screw they are way to tight and want to strip the head when trying to loosen or tighten. Any advice? Thanks in advanced.
Ps it is brand new


Dawg 89
Your saying the axle insert , fit the axle good initaly .
And now its loose .
Some play should be normal , did you clean the inside of the axle real good ?
Brand new a year ago or a week ago ?
A call to the supplier first .


Brands new two weeks ago, at first it had a couple thousands play, but it’s like those two round balls that hold it center compressed and did not retract, now I have about an 1/8” of play. I did clean the axle out before I used it. It happened in the matter of switching it from one side to the other. I will call the supplier. I was more so looking to see if anyone has had this issue as well. Thanks.