Pros cons Mycron4 vs 5


Dawg 89
You may not . If your super computer savy and like data it might be nice .
Its got gps tracking , gforces track mapping , engine data and probably more .
The 4 will tell rpm , temp , lap times max rpm , max temp and rpm drops .
More with a data key . It also only requires a 9 volt battery.


Get a 5 and you don’t have to worry about a beacon being out, picking up or having good batteries. Better resale if you needed to backtrack.

no beacon, no lap time info with 3 or 4

never have to worry about it with the 5, + rechargeable battery is a nice touch


We have one of each. We haven't got to the point of really using the data yet. Just lap times and RPM. The 5 is sexier but I sure the 9 volt battery in the 4. The 5 has a rechargeable battery so I always have to remember to remove it and bring it home,then back to the track....