Pros & Cons of toe out on RFvsLF


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I heard that the reason Phantom suggested toeing the RF out was because the kart was made on the very edge of legality in terms of wheelbase. With the toe out on the left the backwards angle could make the kart look illegal. As Rocket man said out on the track you will adjust the steering wheel to make the kart go in the direction you want to go making the static adjustment irrelevent. Make your choice and be consistent on the scales.
This is the one and only real correct answer.
Toe out on the left will make it turn left faster when that tire is loaded , as going into a left hand corner . If you toe out the right front , it will scrub corner speed because your kart is wanting to turn to the right more , lessening the effect of your stagger and setup . It will also cause your front to want to push more on an LTO kart . I would expect on a road course kart , you wouldn't want any toe out , but a toe in of a small number equal on both sides , much the same as you do your car that you drive daily . On my LTO dirt kart , I set mine straight up , and align the right side straight up , and if I am pushing in the corners , I will add to the left first , to see if it corrects the push .
No, Simply not true. If i were to put the pin my steering lock and set my toe out on the left front 1/8 out with my right side squared up at 0, and then pull the pin on the steering lock and turn the steering slightly to the right until i was straight on my left front, my indicated toe out would just move to the right front without any tie rod adjustment. I have performed the above procedure several times in the past just to prove it to other people. You sir are talking nonsense. Remember it is actually total toe out that is being set. zeroing one side and setting toe on the other just eliminates having to add up both sides to get a total.
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