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im new ,i have stock no plate motors all wka legal all turn 7 k ,stock flywheel some have the sguare thing some have a nut and what appears to be a cutoff crank maybe for the newer bell type pull start.other than it looks cool why do we all take the pull starter off ? if its because of high rpm wouldnt the bell handle it ? or the reliability of the rope . clowns have the pull start and supposidly 6.5 hp on the fh out of the box . need input . no starter on the grid or the back stretch makes me paranoid. i use the electric and the rope . prefer the rope ,its easier to carry around but tbe coleman looks cooler
Its just a preference which one do your prefer. I would not suggest leaving the pull start attached to the blower housing. If the rope breaks you are done. This is why they came out with the pull start that you can use and take off with you. As for the electric starter you dont have to blow in the fuel cap to start. It is also nice to push a button and keeps the crank from snatching your arm off if it recoils. Most guys running stock classes use the rope pull you can just remove and hold on to.
i switch from pull to electric start just cause when it gets cold out its harder to start so with the electric starter u just hold the button until it starts less of a chance of getting left on the grid
i have both but thecpull is easier on my crew ive been left on yhe grid by crew when the cart stalled last tace i bailed on the
back strrtch an stalled had to eait for crewman to come all thecway from the pits
almost want to make a pocket with sometype of really positive clasp to allow me tp carryva pull on the kart
yes I was considering puttimg a pull back on a blower housing
thanks for the input more is welcome
I doubt that if it flys out of your pocket, which would need to be fairly large, it would be a hazard.

Plus it kinda helps with air flow to have it off the engine.
We always use the electric starter, most local tracks in this area let a crew member go to the infield with a starter so its no problem.
If your lucky enough to get a restart.
tear a puller apart just use the plastic pulley ,rope and handle .
not as heavy . attach to steering upright with tape
my stuff starts fairly easy just cant get low idle rpm cltch is set around4 so its not a big deal on the grid but im a 1 st year rookie ,i want to run up front so bad freqently make dumb mistakes to recover without tearing smething off ilet off too long with the colder weather the motor i ran this weekend dies below 2500 but runs awesome from 6700-7000 dont know why but this particular motor wants to turn 7's no matter what the gear .my inexperience kills us . but i cant wait to get more seat time .
i hope so be glad to see a 99 i kow in the hunt missed racring with you after i figured out who you were hope to learn amelia from you .