Pulsing a Predator


Have been running stock tank and air box but just switched to floor tank and filter adapter. Now motor won't start because fuel pump isn't moving fuel. Tank and lines should be fine because kart has been run in boxstock the last few months and fuel pump was used on it as well. Motor ran fine with stock tank.

We are pulsing off the valve cover.
Pulsing a Predator is no different than any other clone engine. Also, make sure the fuel valve is open on the carburetor. If it's closed, it won't pump fuel. Simple mistake that happens quite often.
pull the pulse line off the valve cover and pulse with your mouth to see if the fuel is moving thru the pump and into the carb, if it isnt then your engine isnt gonna start no matter what your doing. Or do like said above and give the carb a shot of starting fluid, gas or carb spray and it should fire up. Make sure your lines from the pump are in the correct places.
Thanks for all the tips guys. I guess there is something clogged up in the Predator carb,replaced it with one off a boxstock and it fired right up. The predator has been sitting for a few months but the bowl was drained before storing.