Purple plate build

I'm going to build my own engine what cam, valve springs, and whatever else can I put In a purple plated engine? and what's the best " cheapest" engine to build?


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First find out what sanctioning body your racing under NKA or AKRA... different engine packages per. If your wanting to do this on the cheap... buy a short block off of Box Stock Project with an EV6 ,CL3 or BSP4 cam in it whichever rule set you need to abide by. Buy a good cylinder head set up for your rule set off of one of the many engine guys on here. Put a cheap PVL flywheel on it and a good plate carb and header and go have fun. All toll I believe you can have a new engine that will let you compete and have fun for about 400 bucks.


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I’d go EV6 cam if it’s a bigger track and BSP4 if it’s a small bullring. In reality tho either will do the trick in purple to get your feet wet. Get ahold of Dover power and get a good ported head and purple plate carb and enjoy!
Went to local kart shop got engine and ev6 cam and 10.8lb springs. Billet flywheel and purple plate. Think I'm good to go now. But not counting my chickens till they hatch lol


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Really good porting paid extra for it. Guy at shop said the ev6 is better for where we are going to run. any ideas on what jet I should start with in carb.


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Well depending on the carb work done a .025/.038 combo should get ya close! Run a hotter plug as well like a -7 or -8 NGK or the Autolite AR3935
Just making sure I did it right. I put crank a tdc lined timing dot with timing dot on cam and slid it in made sure dots still lined up with each other.