Purple Plate help


New member
Just got a new purple plate and it specs out at .489. I have some questions about them, can it be made up to the .500 stamped on it or will that be thrown out or should I send it back for another or just live with it. Thank's for any info.
Do not modify the plate, .011 on a plate should not show that much difference. Yes it is nice to be right on but not worth a DQ. What is the no go rule where you will run it?
Plates are under go/no go everytime. That's normal. Alterations or annodized coating missing is a boo-boo and will get caught. Tires X2.
I would swap it out if you have time. If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind and you won't be second guessing the plate if you have a bad run with it on. The ones that we have had were within .003-.005 of .500