17 reacon on dirt pink and blues on the east cost and pushing going in so bad have to turn wheel shape to the left to get it to turn then coming out gets loose , any suggesting on what to do to correct problem or what could be the problem ?


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gonna need your complete setup information.
The exit is probably related to the entry problem


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YES there are a lot of things to fix on the kart to help and you'll get good help from XXX#40 and others.

For many years though my first answer for things to fix when ever I hear push in loose out is ... first you need to see if the problem can go away or be lessened by fixing the driver. Always my first answer when I hear push in loose out. ... :)
As pointed out the Loose off is most likely because of the PUSH fix the PUSH on entry the loose off in most cases will fix itself, I pretty much gave you in your other thread most likely what is causing it, As I posted then and as others posted here we need your current set-up and cambers to best point you in the right direction.
If the kart has not been scaled let us know we can still give you some changes to make, but scaling it will be best.