Question about Burris tires.

The asphalt track my son races at is mandating Burris 55 tires for next season(2020). Previous years were open tire rule. We, as well as most, ran yellow Vega tires. Any information we might need. Especially the differences. Would be greatly appreciated.


Years ago we had a Burris 55 rule and that went open tire (Vega) probably 6-7 years ago.
The 55’s will definitely be slower.
They need to be cut and definitely prepped to make them fast. Internal and external from what I remember. With that being said we have always done our Vegas with internal also.


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^ Good advice.

You certainly won't have the lap times as the Yellow Vegas, even on higher air, but they will last considerably longer. Cut them to half tread at least, and a light conditioning internal.

Give us a call at the shop if we can help you with a set of properly cut and prepped 55s for pavement.

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Is the track King George?

I am curious as to why they went to a Burris tire rule?

They had pretty regular crowd that was loyal to the track. Did they even ask or discuss this with the group?

Just curious