Question about kart / driver numbers...


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I have a cousin in Colorado who is interested in karting and he had a question I can't answer.

How does a beginning racer take care of their kart number? Do you just take one and register or do you have to register and take what you are given? I've seen IKF registration forms, but I assume thats for higher level racers. At the lower SR. levels, are numbers reserved?
Just pick a number and race it, if there is by chance the same number in a class, they will tell one to add an X or something
I agree with Jamie.

At our local track you can pay to reserve a number but the only thing that does for you is makes the other guy put the X on his kart instead of yours.
I believe that is why most racers have a letter with their number, in case they go to a track and someone else has the same number. Even if you do find someone with the same number, its unlikely that person is gonna have the same number and letter both as you do. Mine is 5W, and i havent seen anyone else yet that has a W, while iv seen plenty of #5's around. The letter gives each racer their own unique number i guess you could say, like B5, 5B, 5C, you get the drift i believe lol
Just started the las tof this past season with a updated was 7 but there was 3 #7's this year (have ran this number since 2004) so my new number ie now B7... a friend of mine runs 7G, i started to make mine 7G2 just to mess with him lol