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Ran at my local asphalt track last night. The kart is skips in the S Curves, instead going through the corners smooth the whole kart bounces.i turn left the front bounces to the right. When I turned right the back right tires wants to go in the air. What is causing this? I am fast 3/4 of the track except the straightway. I have ran 17/62, 17/63 and 17/64 gearing on this track.

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I'm no asphalt guy but can't see it being a gearing issue, maybe you mention gearing looking for confirmation if correct, if so might want to post which track.
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The bouncing is caused by too much traction, the kart is tight, you have to loosen the rear something as simple as tire air pressure can make the difference, the inside tire has to llift as there is no differential. The tire lifting is a good thing.


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Adjust the air pressure and move the rears out until it goes away. For starters.
The inside tire in a turn must loose weight or in some instances lift slightly off the track. You kart is tight from what you say as Kart 43 noted. Move the rear tires out an inch at least. Narrow the front. Rear should be 49-50 inches to start ballpark. Front about 43. See if you are in that range. Do you have caster adjustments? What chassis is it? Have you scaled it? A few questions but it will help to work out the issues. How old are your tires?
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Yep, more info needed, but these fellows are steering you in the right direction.
Front too wide or too much caster would be my first guess.
If you are having a problem with one end of the kart, then concentrate on fixing that before going to the other end (my opinion), but you have to consider that the dynamics of the chassis all have to work together in harmony.
Making little changes and creeping up on the solution is better than taking big swings and guesswork.

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In my experience, that skip can be the result of 2 things; low-pressure in the tires and inadequate bracing of the seat. It's a very long long explanation, that I don't want to get into, so just try both and see what happens.