Question for some old two-stroke heads ?

The other day I got a couple carbs in from a customer of mine that he got in a buyout of some vintage stuff. I noticed right off they were very old casting from the early days, also they were alky from the factory. One is a HL-264A and the other is a HL-293B . When I turned the 293 over I see a stamping on the body underneath, there's a heart with man spelled out inside and a 980 next to it , then it hit me, I was holding a brand new never had fuel in, Hartman 980 carb. When we got involved with Tillotson in the early 80's they were already mythical, never saw one or serviced one. I told the owner of it how rare I thought it might be. My question is, What year was Hartman building these Tilly's into his 980?


I seen a paper on internet it had all tilly carbs and yrs produced other day can rememeber where it was.but i was looking for hr178a and it showed it was a hartman engineering carb too.i had one few yrs back wish still had it
Hi Bill, wow that is getting on back. I can see why you had to have one, he did a nice job on the Venturi work. Must have been a nice performance gain.