Question for the prep makers


Just wondering if any of you have experimented with Hi- Tack ( sp) mixed with anything as something to add bite to tires . Sorry , been having problems with an over active mind lately , and pure curiosity made me ask .
Are you referring to Hi-Tech Purple? If so JT also offers a Super Sticky Purple that will add more bite than the standard Purple. I also know of people that mix the regular Purple with Black Sand to get more bite.
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No , it's called Hi-tack , just not sure if the spelling is correct . My Dad sprays it on gaskets , lets it tack up a bit , and it holds gaskets in place . He usually gets it from NAPA . I know some racers , not karting though , would spray it on the bead area of tires to help hold the bead .
That is a lok tite product, Hi-Tack gasket dressing. You never now till you try but I wouldn't expect it to do much. Sticky and grip are not the same thing and I don't think you would get much penetration into the tire to amount to much other than dirt stuck to your tires for a minute till it scrubbed off.
Yea , you would probably have to cut it with something to try and get penetration into the tire . I have a set or Burris that are near it's last days I may do a little experiment on .