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Yesterday during the prefinal, the oil cap in the front of the engine, fell out and most of the oil was lost, I think I grabbed it in time, I felt like the engine wanted to stop, I turned off the engine, I put new oil and I could user for the final, is it any way to know if I hurt the engine or I was luckily and nothing happened ... I was at .100 of the P1 driver ...


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nope . with the cap off its ingesting dirt and pushing oil out .
what ever you do is just a guess . a leak down test .
you've already ran it again so really a moot point .


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You must mean the oil drain plug fell out or it never got put back in.
I have seen them run for a long time after loosing the oil.
Did you hurt the engine? Definitely yes!!
How much we don't know.
The two things that usually get hurt are
#1. The crank and connecting rod journals.
#2. The piston skirt and cylinder wall.
If your lap times are slower than they were before that tells you how much you hurt it.
It may run that way for a very long time or it could come apart the next time out or the time after that etc.
If you replace the short block now you should not have to worry about life expectancy. You also get a short block with the latest orange plastic seal.
If you don't replace it and the rod breaks when the piston is moving up the cylinder it may smack the head and damage it.
Then you need a complete new engine.

Best of luck
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