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So im going to assume since they are like 4 times the price of a k&N Filter they give you 4 times the hp and torque right??? Just kidding but in all honesty r these guys much better then the regular filters. Maintenance wise they seem easier, but what about performance. Been having trouble finding any real opinion on them.

I used K&N on every kart engine I ever ran and never had dirt in my carb. I bought an R2C for my 600 micro and on a dry dusty track there was visible dirt inside the carbs after one race. I put it on the shelf and considered it a lesson learned.

We have been using them for two years and have not had any bad experiences with them. The ease maintenance is my favorite part about the filters.
R2C had problems with the old filter media and left a lot to be desired. We did have problems with it....In April/May of this past year we reintroduced the new pro media and it is the same as what we use in our Sprint/Late Model filters, it is phenomenal. The current filters look like much different than the older filters, the previous filter has a white media and a larger pattern.

Don, that goes for our 600 filters, we released the new filters for them in the fall. Currently we are working on a new filter box for the 600's that will not require assembly or injector removal, to service the filter.

Our kart filters are used by just about all of the top names in karting, Knopf, Nall, Morgan, Mullis, Riggins any many more. Our filters are the top choice for Tod Miller as well and the motors he builds. The current filter is definitely worth checking out.

If you have any questions, let me know, pm, email or text

Tim Habiuk
R2C factory rep.

Weekly maintenance is as simple as blowing out with air 45-60psi, we ran 26 races on ours this year and it still flowed within 3% of a new filter (before it was wheel hopped) and was never washed. Washing will address staining etc, but staining will not effect performance, they may look like crap but they still work.

cleaning example video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-7ggQvKCdU
Thank you for the response, i bought one the other day so well see, ive only heard good things but just wondered what other people had found!
I have 3 of them, is there a way to tell if they are the new or old style? I purchased one and won the other 2 at a banquet. I'll be honest and say I did not run them because of what I had heard but never commented one way or the other when they were brought up in discussion, just simply do not know. If they are the old style, is there any type of return value on these since the new design seems to be the fix?
This is a pic of the new style filter and was released early 2013. Notice the size of the pleat it is smaller and tighter, the media maybe white or cream color. The old filters have a much larger pleat and are only white.

The new filters are phenomenal, we have run both and never had a problem from either but I understand others have.

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