RACE-1 preditor class

Last year in the Preduro 500 most drivers ended up with burns on their arm. No matter what heat shield they used.
We tried to get a pipe made to raise the muffler but that idea fell through
Most likely the weinie pipe will take power away


Just curious, I have a photo of what I used we didn’t run for 3 hours or what ever that race was but no burns all year with 240 lbs driver. I can’t add picture said to big text 7249924472 if want pictures


Please do not go to the weenie pipe. can we honestly say we dont remember the first thing that killed the clone was the pipe. are we really going to deliberately ignore that fact? Also, to my knowledge that makes you the only track with the small pipe. Im likely the largest racer in pa weight wise and have never been burnt by the pipe with my homemade guard
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We will probably end up with the stock muffler for regular shows
but for now we are saying either stock or weinie pipe until we see how it works out.. I still see the stock muffler being the better performance wise.
It is very clear that if the wenie pipe shows any advantage they are gone .
Why would we allow the small pipe ::: during the preduro 500 race most of the long lap drivers had a big red mark on their arm , this was there even if they had a big clutch guard and a heat shield, ( some of the drivers were in the seat 3.5 hours)

For anyone looking DuBois has lots of Hemi motors on stock and the salesperson seems to think they can get all they want.
Read here that the Hemi had a tooling issue but is now back in production
good luck wherever you race , and whenever we get to race, If we get to race,
Be careful , Stay healthy