RACE-1 results June 21st (DuBois Pa. )

R/Rookie : 1. Kyle Jones, 2. Hunter Campisano, 3. Liam Merrow, 4. Logan Glasgow, 5. Lincoln Hetrick, 6 Jace Frantz, 7. Bryce Alvetro

Rookie Cage: 1. Billy Haywood, 2. Leon Haywood, 3. Christopher Haywood

Lights: 1. Haden Holden, 2. Jimmy Holden, 3. Andrew Boucher, 4. Ethan Seigle, 5. Alyissa Knapp, 6. Josh Frantz, 7. Dominic Marchiori, 8. Jon Lee, 9.Michael Eminhizer

Preditor 350: 1. Brandon Huff

Sr. Champ: 1. Mitchell Neil, 2. Mick Eminhizer, 3. Christopher Eminhizer

Blue : 1. Wyatt Pierce, 2. Haden Holden, 3. Josiah Bernard, 4. Camdon Frantz

Medium Flathead: 1. Matt Bernard, 2. Karl Horn, 3. Dalton Bowser, 4. Stephen Isacco, 5. Jarrett Cavalet

Clone 375: 1. Andrew Broucher, 2. Ryan Morrow, 3. Tim Morrow, 4. Jon Lee

Next event July 5th
The first class listed, is that pre-rookie, rookie I or rookie II?

Looking for some competition for my kid to race against, he is tired of racing just 0 or 1 other competitor.
Most of those kids are first year kids. Some are pretty quick some are not so much but getting faster week in and out.

Speed doesn't matter to him -- he ran a few Burris money races and was basically the slowest there every time -- he just liked racing 10 other karts. He loves the tracks we run and his friends there (how he picks if he likes a track or not), just he keeps talking about lack of karts compared to Burris and someone told me to check you out for green plate flat kart counts. Just wanted to know what rules and weights to use for that class if we find time to make a visit.