Race #1 The MASSIVE Super Series at Possum Kingdom Feb.1st

The MASSIVE 10 Super Series at
Possum Kingdom Super Speedway

When: Feb 1st
IF Not Ready: Feb 22nd


Possum Kingdom Super Speedway
170 Acker Rd, Belton SC

Gates Open at 8am
Practice at 10am
Qualifying and racing to follow
$25 Adults & Racers
$5 for kids 6-10 (if not racing)
Kids 5 and under free

Parking: Bottom of Page

$2000 to Win
$85 Entry

Clone Heavy 20 Laps

We will Start 40 Karts

$2000 to Win
$85 Entry

Big Boyz 425 20Laps
We Will Start 40 Karts
$500 to Win
$55 Entry

Clone Champs 425

Guaranteed Points

$1000 to Win Classes
$75 Entry

Pro Jr 3 20/km
Pro Jr.2 20/km
Pro Jr.1 20/km

$500 to Win Classes 12/KM
$55 Entrys
Clone Heavy Warmup #375 Points
Super Heavy Warmup #425 Points
Clone Medium #350 Points
Predator #375 Points
Semi Pro #375
UAS All Stars

15 Laps
$250 to Win Classes 10K/M
$40 Entrys

Red Plate FREE
Sumo Heavy 450
Jr.3 Blue Points
Jr.1 Green Points
Amatuer 350
Jr.2 Purple Points
Predator 350
Predator 400
Predator 425
Teen Champ
Clone Champ #425 Warmup


Predator Class will be #STOCK! OUT OF BOX! 5500 RPM Rule MUST SURGE! $160 Claim Rule. NEW Head Gauge Tool Enforced. As in if the heads been cut we can tell on the kart!. If you dont believe it has we will give you the option, we can tear it down and check the head or a Dq. We will have a stock Predator Motor in the box we will go by and will have to be the same range tolerance as that predator in the Box. IT IS A MANDATORY 21.54 Gear Rule at PK IN ALL PREDATORS. NO SKIP TOOTH GEARS ALOUD. MUST HAVE ALL 54 teeth on the Gear. WE Will count both front and rear! This 21.54 gear will be a test for race #1

Class Min not Met will be based off 100% Payback In Those Classes
Transponder Fee
Driver Insurance
**Most Run Warmup Class for Guranteed Payouts in the Guranteed Classes** Unless there isnt a warmup race for a special event!
If it Doesnt Say Gauranteed, Its NOT. Fighting Alcohol and other Nonsense will not be tolerated. Calls are made by Track Officials.
We have taken a huge risk opening this track up. I don't want to hear no Complaining about anything with Possum Kingdom. It Takes
a Family of Karters to keep a business up and Running. Everyone has a Hobby. Instead Just Say thank you and Great Job NO Matter how
your day goes. Thank you and See you at the Races!~ AKRA Track Rules/ NKA Tech Rules

Amauter Rules: If you have won a Class Championship (Except Amauter of the Current Year 2019) at any Track you are not Eligible,Or won More then $500, If i catch you, you will not get your entry fee back and you will removed from the Class.. You Can Run Clone Lite/Medium/Semi, NO WARNINGS, Complete DQ

Semi Pro Rules: **In order to be eligible to run Semi-Pro you must HAVE NOT won more than $2000 in one single event Class" If you won the Semi Pro Points in the Folowing 3 years. You are not Eligible to run it again!

JR MONEY DOESNT COUNT. Track as Official ruling on Semi Drivers
Semi Pro Age 14 & UP

Weenie Pipes For All Jrs.

You Can Run Amatuer/ Semi Pro only if you started the year in Amatuer,
If you started the Year in Semi Pro you Cannot Move Down.

SUPER HEAVY DRIVER 200lbs! With Helmet /Jacket Only with Racing Shoes/Tennis Shoes
*NO Steel Toed Boots,


Seeking Title Sponsor $$$$$ You will be the face of the new Possum Kingdom Speedway in 2020, The Massive 10 Super Series, Presented by______________! Banners Along the Whole Fence, Inside Billboard and More, Video Production and More!

Best Deals Below
* Gold Parking: Series Only $4000 6 Prime Parking Spots of your Choice: *Comes up to $66 a spot per Event*
Includes Billboard Banner in Middle Of Track and Class Sponsorship 2
Armbands per Event. Logo on all Hoodies and Shirts

* Silver Parking: Series Only $2200 3 Spots Grid or Exit
Class Sponsorship * Comes up to $73 a Event*

* Bronze Parking: Series Only $1500 2 spots Grid or Exit
Class Sponsorship * Comes up to $75 per Event*

* General Reserved Parking $100 Front Row per Spot per Event*

*General Parking $40 Not Front Row

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Couldn't wait for the Kingdom to open back up .They probably have one of the best facilities in the Southeast but at 25 bucks to walk in the gate I guess they might have stayed closed call me cheap. Chuck.
Couldn't wait for the Kingdom to open back up .They probably have one of the best facilities in the Southeast but at 25 bucks to walk in the gate I guess they might have stayed closed call me cheap. Chuck.
This isn't a local show race.Its a money series race and 25.00 isn't a bad price.It was 20-25 to get in the gate at a tri-state race
Couldn't wait for the Kingdom to open back up .They probably have one of the best facilities in the Southeast but at 25 bucks to walk in the gate I guess they might have stayed closed call me cheap. Chuck.
As Much money we spent to get this track and the overhead we have is very high. If $5-10 extra stops you from coming to the track, then the problems not on our end. We literally took a huge risk to bring back this great race track for people to race. But there is also a lot of bills to pay to get this place alive and going. Complaining already. Lordy. Do something great for racers and you complain
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Not complaining, I race all over the USA ,UAS All Stares,National Enduro Series,and never payed 25 bucks to walk in. I'm a one man team no big deal for me. But the family guy ,wife and two kids 100 bucks to walk in that's just stupid. Didn't mean nor not trying to start a match that's just my opinion. Would like to see you make money and the karter get a fair shake also. regards Chuck.
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Starting 40 karts. Double file starts?

Thank you to the entire Mills family and team. The pictures look amazing.

Be nice to see Jr Sportsman. We have one starting out next month.


I want to commend you on this under taking in bringing back possum kingdom.
I see the gate fee is 25$. I'd like to know will you be charging the same fee when the blue gray series comes there also.


Good Luck....Hoping to get up there for a race when you have the UAS class. :cool:
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We will add another Clone Champ 425 Class to the first race The New Possum Kingdom Super Speedway. UAS all stars And Predator 425.

We will not do per class practice.

2 rounds

All Adult Clones

Jr.2/ 3 together

All Champs and Teen

All Predators

Jr .1


Red Plate

20min 1 on 1 off for adult Clones last round