Racing this weekend!!!!


Did you know racing season has started??
All you "great white north" people need to make the trek down to Roebling Road Raceway this Sat & Sun....should be a good time!!
Last time I came to RR in Feb (it was a national - I think 2011?) once I got there I was fine although just a tad cold, but almost didn't get there due to a snow and ice storm in KY and TN. Loved the place though. Great club and fun racing.

Bruce Peck - Indy
Last year the thermometer in my truck read forty degrees when I off loaded. It picked up to sixty during the day. Glad I brought my Level 2 suit.
I know it's last minute, but I need 2 gallons of Thor lite if someone is going by a shop that has it. I will pay you when we get to the track. Please text me or email me if you can get it, not sure if I will be back on here before the weekend.
904-545-6071 cell