Raptor 2 hp question


I know without a dyno run this will just be a guess.what would you say the max horsepower would be or you can get using a .020 piston flat with the deck 95-3 cam timing at 28 btdc 20lb springs mild intake porting stock head gasket .010 taken off the head everything else stock.and yes a stock raptor carb with a 37 jet...ON PUMP GAS 93OCTANE.thku
Add alcohol and a tillotson carb, You will see a major hp gain. But with stock and legal stock cam. Not much gain is possible. Actually going back to light spring package may help. especially on the intake so the valve can float.
Stock carb is so small that it restricts air flow .


Is the 112 cam a pull startable cam.alky is hard to find in my area....and we just beat these minibikes in the neighborhood and with gas is 93 a waste or should i stick with recreational fuel..will a mikuni 22 do ok? And how much for the cam.


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Get one of the builders on here to open your stock carb up to .725 or so and that will help a lot. It will def. make more power on alky.
All good advice from what I just read.
A PZ22 would work well, but then' you've got the add'l problems that come with a bowl/float style carb.
I wouldn't suggest a Tillotson carb unless you are real good at tuning and you never let the bike idle.
The stock appearing carb will work well, but if you ride on rough surfaces, it will break eventually.

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