Reacon help with hub

Noticed on my reacon on the left front theres a little play in hub and the bearings is that normal ? If not what to do ? I have tighten the nut tight as it will go but theres still movement
If just the hub is moving, you probably need to replace your hub bearings. If the whole spindle assembly is moving, you should replace the king pin bearings. They are so inexpensive, that is probably a good idea to change them all.
The hub is the piece the wheel is attached directly to. Inside that are two roller bearings, held in by one snap ring. You have to remove the snap ring, and press the bearings out of the end the snap ring was in to remove. The right front hub has 2 different size bearings, and the left front has 2 of the same size. King pin is the term used for the large bolt that the spindle is attached to the frame with. The spindle has washers on top and bottom of the spindle, (which are important to the chassis setup) and the bolt running through it. The king pin bearings, or spindle bearings are pressed into each end of the spindle.
The movement of the hub is in and out on the king pin so I don't see where the bearings would have anything to do with it , I can tighten the king pin bolt tight on the bearings but the hub still has in and out movement on the king pin . its like the hub is skidding on the bearings . the movement is not where its loose all the way around movement is in and out , it ain't much maybe 1/16 " movement
If the hub is moving in and out on the spindle shaft, you are missing a spacer on the inside or outside of the hub. These are "ring" looking pieces on each side, or at least one side of your hub. For the left front, you will need to find a 5/8" spacer, and maybe get a few different thicknesses to get the spacing correct. They usually come in 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8" widths I believe.
I can take the hub off the spindle , hold the bearings with two fingers and the hub still has play in it back and forth . it ain't much but theres movement there


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Your choice replace the bearings or buy a new hub .
Once its loaded there will be no movment .
Is there any noise or roughness in the bearing ?
I will say theres typically some movment .
I can take the hub off the spindle , hold the bearings with two fingers and the hub still has play in it back and forth . it ain't much but theres movement there
I also found that the hub and bearings DO move ( end play ) . Both Left hub & Rt. hub - [ I had .010 / .025 thousands of inch of movement ] . I measured the thickness (width) of each bearing [ inner & outer for each hub ] and the length of the spacer between those bearings , add the 3 measurements plus maybe a few [ .005 ] thousands of inch for easy assembly - that should be the measure from inside the hub shoulder ( where the bearing rests against ) outward to the edge of the snap ring groove that rests against the outer bearing . I found that the hub measurements do not match the bearings + spacer measurement . I looked further for the cause . I had previously purchased new spare bearing spacers , so I measured each one, they all have a different lengths . I called the hub Manufacturer asking : end play min./max. = should not move , they said possibly bearing spacer worn = replace with new bearing spacer - then I said "I have a few brand new spacers which I have measured = each one varies on length measurement ( none of which will fix this issue of end play") . Is the Solution to add shims between bearing and the bearing spacer perhaps . One could buy some tubing [ Left spindle 5/8"I.D. ] cut and grind it to fit , but then the difficulty is Rt. side with the stepped diameters 3/4" stepped to 5/8" = need for larger outer-diameter material with a 5/8" I.D. thru ,then you need to drill or bore the one end to depth so that it slips onto axle 3/4" properly , We should not have to do all that ! !
Thanks , had few others say they had movement also , I put more bearings in it and still had movement ain't but bout 1/16 of a inch play so guess I'll be ok
You probably need to replace the spacer as well. Phantom part number 1115007S is for left front hub and part number 1115006S is for the right front hub.