Real Racers

This weekend I met some real racers. Tim Hill and his daughter Jordan are from upstate New York, and came down to run the King of the Concrete race at Greensboro over the weekend. No help, just a dad and his young driver in their van. Friday night threw them a loop, with a few different problems, but on Saturday young Jordan showed her true colors as she swept both Jr. 2 poles. The smile on this young lady's face was priceless, and reminded me of how much fun racing is supposed to be. The conditions were to say the least less than optimal, and there was no fairytale ending, but Jordan stuck it out like a real trooper for a third-place finish in the last feature. I'd like to thank both Jordan and Tim for renewing my love for kart racing, and hope they have many successful nights in the future.


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i wasn't there, but congrats to them both!! ....she and her dad did the best that they could with what they had and that, my friend, is the sign of a true racer...

alvin l nunley

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I knew a guy a long while back, named Richard Burton, and he has a philosophy that says; a lot of things can happen during a race to prevent you from winning, but fast time, you can't lose that, it means, at that race, on that day, you were the fastest guy there.