Rear engine kart motor mount needed


Last year at Charlotte I met a parts guy that had a rear engine racer in the second building where we held the tech seminars. He had on display a brand new rear engine racer that he was using to promote his business of building that kart. It was a kart similar to the one in my Avitar. I lost his card and I want to purchase a second engine mount to put twins on my 1957 AlleyCat. Can anyone help?
on Ebay there are some reproduction ones. that's where I got mine... I'll link the pic here.... IIRC it was around $60 or so....

There's also a repro by the above guy that's lower and more similar to the Rupp swing mount..... Good luck!
That is my kart, and it's a RobRon, basically a copy of a Rupp Dart by the guy who bought Rupp's designs and production equipment when they went under. His name is Robert Stanton, and he lives in SC and still produces A-Bone chassis... It could be yours for if you're interested... :)
No, No. I like the Bugs and the Rupp Lancer. I have a restored and slightly modified 1968 Bug Sprint, I've ran it all over the Midwest the past couple of years and have a blast with it. Will likely have a second Bug with dual engines ready to go next year sometime.

We have bought front axles and hangers and stuff from RobRon for the Rupps we have restored in the past. We sold a I think a 61 or 62 A-Bone not too long ago, later A-Bones were probably better, and I would guess RobRon has stretched them and changed the seat angle a bit compared to the earlier A-Bones.

The old A-Bone:

My bug, that we actually won Best Modified at the Delmar VKA Race:

Photo of me in the Bug, Picture by Jeff Campbell. Taken at Delmar heading into that really tight left hander adjacent to the pits and starting grid.
All I need is a seatback tank now. I'm thinking about hand-forming an Azusa Bubble repro as Greg Gouveia wants $250 for 'em and I can't afford that. I have time and a shop, however. :) Good luck! Bring them karts to Barnesville and we can meet up.
I actually broke the welds on my tank at Brodhead in the spring and used the plastic tank in the photo above for the Brodhead VKA, Rock Island GP, Quincy and Delmar VKAs. It painted up pretty well and held up. Normally we have a local Street Rod/Race Shop weld up our own seat back tanks that we cut out and form. Usually around a $100.

My oldman will likely be at Barnesville with a restored A-Bone and 5.3 saw, he won a kart show award for his Rupp Chaparral this past Barnesville and won the Mc49 class. I probably will not be there.
I think RobRon is the guy that was at the Charlotte Kart Expo last year that I was talking about. He gave me his card and I can't find it. Aren't those old karts neat. I also have a 1962 Bronko
Simple answer is no. There are a variety of ways of mounting engines in the rears, swing mounts with welded tabs or u-bolts or rubber mounted bolt through frame, plate welded to the frame, etc. etc.

Here are some good pictures of a RobRon with a swing mount mid way down.

Bug sprints typically use a rubber piece with a U-bolt in the front of the swing mount. You can actually see my swing mount in this vid showing my Bug:

Ted, you the same Ted on the Vintage Kart Forums?
Well, there's a couple Ted's on the VKA forums.... I'm on there, but probably Ted Johnson's a more frequent poster than I am. I do have a build thread on the Clark 440 / A-Bone conversion. I bought the frame above for $200, sold off the pristine Rupp Turbines on it for $265 and shipping was around $40, so it's a "free" frame for me. I think I paid around $100 for the Clark frame. But all the little parts to convert them to vintage racers instead of yard karts add up.....esp. those Vintage Speed tires and repro tanks.
I thought that is where I had seen the Ted Hamilton in the build section. Yes they do.

I'm running Cheng Shin tires, those Vintage Speeds are hard as rocks. We have a couple of those VS that actually are splitting on us, and a couple of them duro'd out at 80+ brand new. Rear engines like hard tires to keep from bicycling in the corners. That's a bit too hard, they are also much heavier than the Cheng Shin or Carlisle, okay if you run the bigger engines or duals, not great if you are running Mc49. My wheels are Azusa, and we use all modern brakes for safety, along with Dick Teal's Fox repro pedals.
Ted, the mount you have pictured is the Azusa style that works best on Bugs and karts with the axle hanger under the frame tube. The rupp style mount cost a bit more but sits the engine lower where the axle is basically centered in the frame tube. The real plus on the swing mount was the fact that 35 chain was all junk in the 60's. By using rubber cushions on the mounts in the front it softened the shock on the chain which kept them from snapping.
I may modify that swing mount to be lower, maybe not. Just want to get it running for now. The vintage speeds I have in the front are their 4' dia 3.5 wides to try to get the frame lower. Don't know what they duro, but nothing a little Trac Tac won't fix.