Recoil start on animal?


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Hello, quick question:
I recently obtained a gen 5 wka stock animal, built by SMS Racing. I received this motor in a trade. To my knowledge, it has the AN001 cam in it, stock otherwise. It currently is set up for an electric starter, which I do not currently have.

Is it possible to install a standard recoil starting system on this motor? I'm new to the animals, having messed only with clones and KT's. I realize it being a builder-built engine, with an upgraded cam, it will have higher compression than usual, but wanted to ask if I could put one on, as it would be more economical right now.

Any and all info and tips are appreciated. Thanks!
edman, Nobody will stop you from installing a recoil starter on it. The anoo1 cam does not have the factory stock compression relief mechanism built into it for recoil starting. When you pull the rope and turn the motor over the compression will be much greater. Couple that with even just stock ignition advancement at slow start up rpm levels the engine will spark and want to start yet many times it will fire up that higher compression before top dead center and reverse the direction that your hand was pulling from and rip the recoils holder out of your hand and fly violently while damaging all areas of your body that feel pain. If the animal was set up to run Methanol chances are the ignition timing is set even farther before top dead center and even more chances of hurting you. You might be successful at getting to to fire up properly by rolling the motor through the compression stroke before giving it a good solid fast hard pull of the rope and that will give you more confidence with using a pull starter to start it, yet I would advise against the temptation as I have seen a man go for an ambulance ride after the handle found his manhood.
For what it's worth, I asked the same question and was told the same thing. Look around or post here in the wanted section for a good used electric starter. I found a good deal on one.

Well, that settles it for me! This motor won't be finding its way onto my kart til next spring, but I figured I'd ask.

I had similar, agonizing experiences with the recoil system on a Stihl 088. I had just finished putting a piston and rings in it. Even utilizing the decomp button on that cylinder, when that thing fired, I swear the recoil bit my hand so hard it fractured a couple fingers. Absolutely BRUTAL saw right there!

Thanks one and all. I'll keep an eye out in the classifieds.
I've been bit by other recoil motors in the past. New to hi-performance 4 stroke kart motors, figured I'd ask. I've tried to crank it over by hand, and it's resistant, to say the least. I appreciate the tips!