Recon Champ Spindle Help

I picked up a 17 Recon Champ recently (my son loves it btw) and we took it out yesterday to shake it down for the first time on a 1/4 mile asphalt medium banking. He came in after the first run and said it was "Bouncing bad" his words lol I asked him if the wheel was vibrating in his hands and he said no...just shaking his helmet. I checked everything over and found that the RF wheel had some slop in it (up and down movement) I tightened the spindle nut one notch and sent him back out. I stood by the track and watched closely and this time I could see the RF jumping as he passed me on the straightaway. So I replaced the wheel bearings and checked the toe and he went back out and said it was a little better but I could still see some wobble. As I looked closer I noticed that the king pin had some slop in it as well. I didn't have any extra parts to change anything there. I plan to pick up a new RF spindle with bearings and king pin bolt kit.
My first question is ...…..
This is what you guys would replace right?
Second.... On Phantoms website they show different spindle options. One is what I assume is a standard spindle and another one called "no cross" spindle. I have no idea what I have on the buggy or what I should buy for it. Can someone please explain to me what the differences are......and there intended uses? And how to tell what I have on our buggy? Thanks!


Dawg 89
First it's also possible it's a tire issue .
Slop of course is not good , so that needs to be addressed as well .
No cross spindle for a buggy .
You can also replace the bearings in that spindle , which I would do keep as spare .
Post your setup numbers and tires with air pressure , and track for more possible help .


Dawg 89
Yes , your best source of info is PRC DIRECTLY.


Like Flattop said call PRC before you order parts. James might tell you to buy cross spindles for the track your running.
Also buggy’s like to bounce on asphalt and setup changes will fix that issue and there should be numbers on the spindle your currently running.
Good luck !!