Red plate carb setup


Im assuming red plate carbs are basily stock except for jet size and throttleshaft angle . Any input apprecated


Red plate carb will perform best when specific area's are worked on and alot can be gained here.


Just get a red plate carb and cam combo with a .880 pipe thats been worked by dover, vause ,or one of the reputable builders. All are easy to install. Tell your kid to rev the motor during cautions so u don,t foul plugs. As he moves up to green blue plate just change jetting. The red plate will probably be a 40main/30low. As he moves to bigger plate move down on jetting 39/30 green 38/28 blue.
The key to restricter plate racing is getting the kart unlocked from the track if your on dirt. To do that is to go up in air pressure. I'll give u a example. One race night on a road trip at new track i was at 10lbs in RR and 7lbs in the other 3 tires. Did terrible. I was listening to my competition. The main i was 20lbs on RR and 14 across the front and 15 on LR. Went from 16th to 2nd and almost won if there was another lap or two. Don't be affraid to air those tires up on restricted class. Hope this helps.


Also if you call dyno cams they may give you a special grind cam thats specifically for restricted or recommended one for red/green plate. Those guys at dyno are great. I used the Cl-R2. There's probably better ones now.
I'd use the regular CL-2 for red. No preload, set them at .000 on both sides.
35deg ign timing
.040 coil to flywheel - use pvl flywheel
2-hole etube .027 preferred
.038 main with .025 pilot using both orings.
.055 low side airbleed