Red Shoe Nancy (Mike Grady) is in the hospital


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Hey guys.

Just talked to Scott Mooney and he said that Mike is at Memorial Hospital in the ICU with what they believe is internal bleeding. I don't have much more info than that, or whether something ruptured or if he was in an accident, but lets keep Mike and his family in our thoughts and prayers and as soon as we know what's going on we will post more info. He doesn't have his phone so he can't post on here.


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He,es in a room now awaiting more tests.from both ends.I bet heel enjoy that...Good Luck Sheldon. Ron
Jennifer Grady

Ok, so I just got home a little while ago and got on Facebook. The post I did earlier about Mike ( Michael Grady) wasn't on here. I have spoke to a few of you or texted if I had your number. I haven't wanted to leave anyone out, but this afternoon was the first time I have had a moment to let everyone know what was going on. I brief summary on Mike for the last few days, is on Tuesday he wasn't feeling well, Wednesday evening went to the doctor and was prescribed an antibiotic for an infection (nothing serious) Thursday it was evident he was bleeding. We went to ER Friday afternoon, and they said he needed to be admitted. He was moved to ICU Friday evening to be monitored closer. As of this afternoon he was moved to a step down or step up room from ICU. He is stable other than having a very bad migraine. He is scheduled to have a lower and upper scope sometime on Monday. I have passed along the well wishes and asking if there is anything he needs, and he is very appreciative. We both are. Right now the objective is try to keep him comfortable and getting his headache to a minimum or gone for the next couple of days. I will try to keep everyone up on him. If you want to message me your cell number, I will keep you updated with a text on how is doing. If you do not hear from me right away, I am not ignoring anyone. The service is sketchy at the hospital.
Thank you all of you for your prayers, well wishes and thoughts,
Jenn Posted this about an hour ago...Ron
All other stuff a side, we are racers and brothers sisters in life . All the best to you Mike, we all want the best for you and your recovery to good health.
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Michael Grady

Wanted to give an update. He is still stable, hemoglobin is still at an 8. He has another very bad migraine this morning. The pain medication isn't helping.
He is very appreciative of your messages thru Facebook, texts to me or the voicemails I get. I read them to him and he listens to the voicemails when he isn't in pain. He tries to put on a good show around people but it takes a lot out of him. I will keep you updated. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.........
Get well soon, Nancy... Things like this put life in perspective. Hope you're back to good health soon...
Get that Man a laptop, it ain't the same on here without him! Take care Mike, try listening to all the Doc's, thoughts and prayers, get well.