Relative position of the LF & LR tires and wheels


I'm trying to set up an old Phantom Banshee for a 1/5 mile asphalt oval. As I understand things the outside wheel rims should be on the same plane. Is that correct?

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Technically, no. All karts are built with some rear tracking, so as long as you square off the rear axle correctly. When the kart is on the track the rear tires will be offset to the right compared to the front. But, it's a very small amount. So if you're meaning run a straight edge down the wheels and have it sit flush with the front and back. It won't.


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Run the RR and both fronts in as far as possible.
Set the left rear so the rear tracking is around 38 3/4". On a Banshee, I think we used the old 40" wide noses. The left rear should be flush with the left side nerf bar. It will be parallel to the LF, but NOT in line.

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