Replacement Block for the VC460?


This is probably obvious to some but wondering if there’s a block available that we could swap our VC460 parts into?

Ventilated a few last year 😆

It’s a 96mm bore I think? 10 bolt side cover.

Pics for fun, I think we let the big end clearances go too long without a check or replacement.


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I sympathize with you my friend. We road raced VC460's for years until we ran out of blocks. Switched to the crf450r and yz450's and never looked back. We ventilated 5 or six VC blocks, and we were replacing the ARC billet rod twice per weekend. Generally they would let go at the end of the longest straight as soon as the driver let off the gas. The Honda GX390 was dead reliable once we got it to stop swallowing exhaust valves.

To answer your question the VC 460 started life as a Predator 420 so theoretically you can bore that out and use the 460 parts. Vegas Karts claimed the casting for the cylinder block was thicker but it really wasn't any better, the rods came thru just as easily 😀.
Rather than starting a new topic, figured I'd ask here.

having trouble finding a clear "safe" number for piston to head clearance. Thoughts on this? We have cast dished pistons if that makes a difference. Looking at the one I have on the bench, it has a 0.027" MLS gasket on it currently, haven't checked if the piston is in the hole or not will check that today.