Reroll inside

How often do you reroll and do you only do half the original amount?

That's what we suggest with our preps. Other preps may work differently (your mileage may vary.)

By rolling half of the initial amount of the same internal prep, you are re-activating the chemicals already in the tire along with the new prep that's be added.
How often you re-roll is a matter more of how long they have sat, or how many heat cycles the tire has been through.
More often than not, internal is a once and done treatment.
The tires wear out faster than they need re-rolled with internal due to being ran through too many heat cycles, thus depleting the internal.
Thicker rubber tires can certainly be re-rolled more often, but be careful that they don't just pick up a bunch of prep-weight and slow down.
If you rolled a set for a previous race and didn't use them for some reason, they can be re-rolled (if needed) for another race - again half of the initial amount of the same chemical and you're good to go. The tire will react more like a fresh rolled set than one that has cured out, but keep in mind that some of that initial prep is still in the tire.

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