Resurfacing Burris tires

I've seen many different applications, and heard of many different ways to grind, or resurface tires.
I'm in the process of finding out what works best for me.
Currently, I'm using an adjustable speed grinder(on the low setting) with a 80 grit pad, and finishing with a 220 pad.
At the track, I have 220 sanding block, that I lightly use on my tires before my feature race.
I'm interested to hear some other thoughts, and techniques.
How are you turning the tires ? Are you washing the tires before finishing ? Are you spraying them before finishing ?
I know this is probably incorrect, but I have someone hold the breaks to keep my tire RPM at a slower pace while I'm grinding.
The tires are washed beforehand, and before finishing with Track Tac ( blue tire wash)
I spray the tires with Simple green and water while I'm grinding.


I turn the tires at 350 rpm. Spray with simple green and water, and use an orbital sander with 120 grit. Works beautifully.


How often do you do this?
While at the track, what is your routine in regards to tires?
I do this after each race. At the track, I don’t do any resurfacing. I use a different set for practice, heat, and feature.

If a tragedy happens and I have to run the same set twice, I just clean them and put them back on.


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Simple Green pulls the oil in the tire to the surface -- that's why it has that nice feel to the tire after you wash with a harsh degreaser.
I think that our low ph formula Green Apple Clean tire wash, or TT tire wash, will do a much better job (unless pulling prep and oil to the surface of the tire is what you are wanting to accomplish.)

For refinishing Burris, I suggest starting with 80g and following with 120 or 180g on a belt sander. Use Windex non-ammoniated window cleaner liberally while sanding. I turn the tires between 300 & 350 rpm and the finish is remarkable. Leave a coarser finish on tires used on soft, or dusty/marbley tracks. Use a finer grit for hard tracks that bite up.
FWIW, typically I finish with 400g on Maxxis. Other than syrup, I've never finished Burris that finely.

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Someone needs to help me understand this courser finish on tires, When track is as pointed out If your watching the guy's out racing the ones with there tires racing the cleanest will be up front, Plus NO one goes back out on dirty tires SO WHY would you ever want a course finish holding more dirt in the tire VS Smooth.

Plus there are very few times I disagree with Jamie and Brian but I'm with Earl on the whole simple green deal, not buying into it.
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Run them on a tire grinder and use a belt sander on the tire. 120 grit held at a 45* go left to right and then right to left and cross hatch them. Then I will run a coarse scotch brite pad over them. Probably wrong to some but it works for me.