Right tire lifting when turning.


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LTO or road course? Can't even imagine any scenario in LTO racing to cause that other than a substantially bent/twisted frame...road course, just a guess but maybe a seriously flexed out chassis with some unseen cracks/cracked welds?


lets also hope he docent have the tires flipped and the issues isn't when he's turning extreme right with an LTO kart


Not ruling out a bent spindle, but what about the frame?

Remove both front tires and spindles. Both rear tires. Set kart on a flat surface. The garage floor should work just fine. Measure the height of the spindles. Any difference would indicate a bent frame.
Al, show them one of your drawings that show that the lifting of the rf is simply the normal effect of positive caster. In fact a bend in a frame or spindle cannot change this. All of you need to get back to the basics of kart front end geometry.


Maybe you should go back and read post #10. After you do, maybe you could post an apology for getting on my case with no justification!!
I am not doing anything of the sort, I enjoy your thoughtful posts and many here could learn from them if they approached them with an open mind. I assume you must have thought my prior post was sarcastic, it was not, my intent was to be respectful.
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