Roberts Kart Shop - Thanks


I was lookiing for some parts for one of my karts and I certainly needed them before Christmas so after looking around found them available only at Roberts Kart Shop. Though I am not one if their customers and actually my 4 cycle frame is from one of their rivals customer service was excellent, they immediately called me and emailed me right after my online order to check something about it. Ordered late on Tuesday cheapest rate and big package and got my order in VA today. Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure to make business with you.
Special thanks to the lady on the phone. Very nice and helpful. I think she was Stacy but I am not sure. Thanks again.
I will second that. U will not meet better people. I am new to karting and they have helped me tremendously these last few weeks. Always willing to help and get u what u need. Thank u guys for all u have done for us!

Cliff Davis
I'll second that......when I needed six Dominator seats for my sprint karts, Stacy had them in Illinois three days later.

Awesome Service!!

Michael Curry
Laukaitis Racing
Decatur, Illinois, USA
There are many great kart vendors here in the US. Just wanted to let everyone know about this like I do about many other shops. Or like I also do if I have a bad experience.
i also agree with this shop being great, i am also a customer of another vendor for the most part but they had jr pedals that i needed. They were on back order when i ordered, Stacy called me the day i put the order in to let me know and kept me updated. They were still able to get the pedals to WV very quickly and I was impressed with the communication. Of the many great vendors out there they are truly impressive with communication and follow through. Other greats shops include, bark competition karting (my regular vendor who is always on top of things), and Piedmont kart shop back in my hometown of Conover, NC.