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Has anyone used them? Ever had any issues? Looks like good prices, just making sure quality is there. Thanks for any input.
I purchased from them about 8-times, very good prices and never had a problem.

They ship from different warehouses, so it's best to try and order parts if you can from the same warehouse to save on shipping.

Once you have at least one item in your cart you'll see a little truck icon next to the (Part INFO button) while looking for additional parts that ship from the same warehouse.

If you google rockauto coupon there is typically a -5% coupon code that you can use.
Advanced Auto has alot of discounts online and free shipping over $75.....I use them out the discount codes to enter at the bottom of checkout and if you are getting alot of stuff make several can save a ton doing it that way.
I try to buy local and support our economy, Because were are the #1 city in the country for job losses. But I still get stuff from them if i'm not in a hurry, and comparing prices they are cheaper. I can buy name brand from them for the same prices as the off brand crap locally
I guess it would depend on whether you ordered the wrong pat or they sent the wrong one. But They are pretty good at taking returns ,as long as you have a return authorization number.
hmmmm... then i gotta wait longer to get stuff, i'm going to local parts house, oh that's right i work at one, i have no need for rockauto, i can get everything they can and probably more