Rocket Tire Services- King of the Concrete

D. Richer

KOC Update- If anyone would like to run the King of the Concrete, PLEASE let me know how many sets you want by next Wednesday (10-30-2013!) That is the absolute latest that you can order tires.

1 full set ready to roll is $294 (you supply wheels)
1 full set ready to roll is $410 (new wheels)

Syrup Prep is $25 per quart, $80 per gallon.
If you buy a set of tires, I will add on a spot to our pit stalls that we will have all together, they are $15 per 10x10 spot.
Discounts are available if you buy more than 1 set of tires.

Almost every weekend in November we are going to be racing, so it will be hard for me to get the syrup tires done if ordering any later than next Wednesday, and have them fast. And I will not send tires out of my shop that I feel will not be capable of winning.

Thank You-