Rockport Gearing

Red 8

Does anyone know a good starting gear for Rockport Raceway(Rockport, IN) It would be purple plate #290 Lb, wanting to turn about 6,200 RPM
I assume you’re meaning Clone purple plate? I don’t think Rockport has a purple plate. If it did my next question would be why would your target 6,200 rpms?

We turned 6700 in Blue Plate yesterday.
At 6700 your getting crushed on the long run, target 6400 6500 max fix your take off problem, changing gearing for take off is just a temporary bandaid.
We are struggling getting through turns and once we get this part figured out we’ll most likely have to Drop a tooth on the rear.

But the OP is asking about 6200. This is considerably lower. Three races ago at Rockport we had a 13-65 we turned 6300. Added a tooth to the back got 6400. That was a 13-66. We were still getting run over on starts. Karts just pushed us out of the way. If he wants 6200 he’s going to need a 13-64 or 65. That should get him close. Again, I don’t see purple plates running there though.