Rolling Burris 55s internally


I rolled a set of RS 55s last year internally with 3oz of Palmetto inside red and never ran them, is it necessary to reroll them ? If so do I need to do it with the same amount to achieve the same results as before? ..... What about tires that were rolled and ran , do they need rerolled also ?...... And does this hold true with Maxxis also ?
Call Matt @Palmetto. If I were using his prep; I would want the answer to come straight from him. That's not to say someone will not give you a good answer.

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I would jut hit them with a light coat on the outside of the same prep you rolled, they should be nice and cured and good to go by now. Palmetto's is a great prep for internal use, the longer you let it cure, the better it is. That is why i believe you are good to go with just a wipe or 2 externally