Rolling time??


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Going to purchase a roller shortly and Im wondering how long do you roll the tires for external and internal prep. I will ask the company that I get my prep from but I was just wondering what yall do. No heat on the roller right now but will upgrade later. Any help would be appreciated.


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Rolling Time

Internal I'd recommend 48 hrs, external will all depend on what your looking to achieve soften, or just add bite and how harsh of a prep your working with, most external are 5 to 20 min.

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If rolling something oily 36-48 hours is what I stick with. A solvent mix 8-12 hours is plenty. I don't usually roll anything externally, I like to wipe my tires.


I been doing 24 hours lately, sometimes I do 48-36 if I don't use heat


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16 minium with heat on about 80/100...24 is tops with same heat...this is with most internal preps....
4-5 days before your race Roll tires 48 hours then depending on how soft and track conditions is the key element in knowing if you should roll the outside or wipe. Also the tire should be completed and at the desired duro friday so that will give the tire time to cure before you leave for the races.

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Depends on the type of internal prep youre using, and what youre trying to accomplish. I know lots who will roll a month in advance and then re roll at track, morning of the race, right

Theres some of the very best that roll 2-3 days before a big race. Times it also depends on the track, kart count also.

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I usually roll my tires on a sunday or monday before a race on saturday, or will roll them saturday or sunday for a race the following friday. I like to give them at least 5 days to cure no matter what im using for prep. The preps i use evaporate pretty quickly when rolling internally, so 12-24 hours is all thats needed, 12 hours with heat or 24 hours without heat. I rarely roll tires with heat though, and rarely wipe them thru the week, only at trackside.