rpm race engines


can anyone out there tell me who they are an where there located do they still build how good where they... thanks....
Not sure only rpm I know of was a fella out of west palm beach but this was 5 years ago not sure if ther the same company
There is a RpM Racing Engines here in Florida, Billy Tokes builds them he is a very good builder, I don't know if he is building motors at this time.
i was just woundering i picked up a kart few week ago an one of the flatheads had an rpm sticker on it but never heard of them
Is it a blue sticker with white lettering? I have not talked to Billy in 3 or 4 weeks. I had one of his clone and have a buddy who has one of his animals and both were great motors. Give him a call, he will be more than welcome to talk to you about what you have.
Yea thats prob one of billy tokes motors and he is a good gye like I posted b for I beleve he is out of west palm or south of port st.loucie